Week 12

With this semester coming to a close, we are wrapping up the play testing of our games in class. Today I play tested my card game – ‘Name That Quote!’ with David, Liam and Mel. It was a successful play test with everyone enjoying the game but also giving me constructive feedback.

The main feedback I received was to proof read a few of the cards, I had two spelling mistakes in the cards and they also suggested if ‘Name That Quote’ was further developed to have more categories and cards.



A fun card game for all ages!

      Recommended players: 3 or more



  • 1X ‘Name That Quote’ deck of cards


  • Yellow Cards: World Quotes
  • Green Cards: Film Quotes
  • Black Cards: Culture Quote


  • To correctly identify the quote on the playing card, read by the ‘Quoter’


  • The first person to reach 10 points


  • Until all cards in deck are played – the player with the most cards (points) wins


  • Shuffle all cards and place in the middle of players face down
  • The person to the left of the card shuffler is the first ‘Quoter’. This will then continue in a clockwise motion.


  • Place shuffled cards in centre of playing space
  • First ‘Quoter’ picks top card off the pile and begins the round. The ‘Quoter’ reads the quote written on the card out loud to the other players.
  • First player to correctly identify the answer wins the quote card thus gaining one point.
  • If all players cannot correctly guess the card in play, the card is passed in and no one receives any points.
  • First person to reach 10 points or alternatively for a longer (better) game, the person with the most cards (points) overall wins the game and is the champion!



We also play tested David’s game ‘What’s Trending?’, ‘an interactive based board game utilising Google’s top trending searches’. I really enjoyed playing this game, it was very well made and the different categories made it entertaining. We played the whole game through until David and Mel won (which was totally rigged, Liam and I should’ve won) and I can honestly say I would play this with my friends or family. It was a game that was thought out, researched and developed and created really well.





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