Week 10 & 11

I have combined weeks ten and eleven into one blog post as I was away in week eleven! I would’ve loved to play test my game in week eleven as I had it ready to go but unfortunately, I was unable to make it to class.

During these past two weeks I have been working on my game and finalizing all the small details. This experience of creating a card game has been really interesting and although I have had a few downfalls in my research I have been able to successfully finish my card game prototype. While researching and gathering quotes, I definitely had some trial and error moments – from only finding limited quotes that were not well known to having my design for my cards completely fail because of the swap over from one computer to another.

The research and gathering of quotes for this game has been the major part of this game (obviously), I did have a little difficulty thinking of quotes from films, television shows, cultural and world quotes. When googling and sorting through quotes most of the ones I did find were sappy quotes about love, life and bullshit. This meant that I had to research more refined topics. So with this in mind I research particular films, television shows, celebrities and historical figures. I was trying to have a broad and different array of quotes in each category so the game didn’t get boring in the early stages of playing.


                  Yellow: World                Green: Film                   Black: Culture




Since I wasn’t able to play test my game in class in week 11, I showed my game to my family members. They surprisingly loved the game and thought it would be a really good game to play!

One amendment I do need to make in the rules is what happens to the playing card when no player can guess the quote. The card is passed in and no one receives a point. When discussing this with family and friends, I thought that the ‘Quoter’ could receive the point if no one was able to guess, thus having players who are guessing more determined to guess who said the quote. After a small discussion and weighing up the options I decided it was better for my mechanics and the general rules of the game that the card is passed in with no one receiving any points.

Next week I will be doing an extra blog post on my play testing with peers in class and also the final thoughts on this game!



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