Processing Sketch



‘Mindlessness’ – Sketch by Noelle Jackson

Mindlessness is the act of doing something without realizing. Everyday essentially everyone performs actions they are oblivious to; we all have habits, characteristics and personal traits that have grown and stuck with us overtime.

My artwork was inspired by Vera Molnar and a lot of her work. While learning about processing I loved the fact that I could create an image and not know the outcome. By constantly changing certain perimeters or loops in my coding I was able to have a different outcome each time.  By changing where my vertex lines were being drawn I was able to change the direction and starting point of the lines leading to the distortion and crossing over of these thin strokes.

Vera Molnar’s work seems to have similar themes of straight lines crossing over each other, by having this idea in mind I was able to play around on processing and create my artwork. The theme of iteration in art is significant but also very evident. Repetitive imagery is very effective and draws in a clear focus, thus allowing a message to be transferred across on a deeper and easier level.

When asking a few people what they thought of or saw when they observed my piece, many said hair, scratches on a surface, and scribble on paper. Although there will be many different interpretations of my artwork, I believe it delves into something deeper than just a scribble of messy lines.

Below are some of Vera Molnar’s works:

Code for my sketch:

void setup(){

size (600,600);


void draw(){

strokeWeight(0.2); // how thick the lines are

for (int i = 0; i < 1800 ; i ++) { // the amount of lines drawn (1800)

beginShape(); // shape Perimeters (where the line begins, what direction it goes and where it ends)

vertex(500+ random(600),600+ random(600));
vertex(50+ random(600),100+ random(600));
vertex(200+ random(600),100+ random(600));






Vera Molnar – 39 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy. [Accessed 21 Sep. 2016]. Available at: (2016). [online].  Available at:




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