MEDA101 – Assessment One


For this assessment I explored zone 60 within the suburb of Fairy Meadow. Zone 60 conveyed soundscapes of nature, nurture and park life. The ambient sounds present in my sound piece were all recorded within my zone in an open grass space.

Evidently it had been raining that morning so many animals including various species of birds were present. Walking around but also sitting down in my area allowed me to record many different sounds and explore parts of Wollongong I have never been to. My zone being right near the beach allowed a peaceful undertone for my sound piece, where light sounds of waves and beach goers can be identified.

This vibrant space allowed me to record many different layers of sound. The layering of different bird species and the distortion of their calls can be acknowledged in this piece. I drew inspiration for my sound piece from many different sound artists who work with nature but who also work with layering of sound pieces. Artists such as David Monacchi and Gail Priest allowed me to listen, identify and learn through their work and techniques.

Overall this assessment allowed me to clearly and thoroughly research my zone and sound artists, opening up a whole new world of audio snap-shots.




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